Unparalleled playability, amazing upper register access, and a big, focused sound

Boden Original NX 6 Tremolo Neck-Thru


The Boden Neck-Thru is Back and Better Than Ever

The Boden Neck-Thru is the pinnacle of the original Boden design that had originally been available only as a custom Made to Measure instrument. The first production neck-thru models were introduced in 2021 in limited quantities and were very popular. Now, this state-of-the-art design is back with the NX updates for discriminating players who want the ultimate in playability and a full robust tone that cuts through the mix like no other as well as the same ergonomic features that the Boden is known for.


Available now as the <strong>Boden Original NX 6 Tremolo Neck-Thru</strong> in Natural and Trans Teal finishes, this instrument features the acclaimed neck-thru-body construction for unparalleled upper register access and offers playability that has to be experienced to be believed. To top it all off, this guitar delivers a big rich sound that is not a characteristic associated with neck-thru-body construction. Punchier and more focused in the midrange than the bolt-on design, the Boden Original NX 6 Tremolo Neck-Thru is sonically versatile and suits virtually any playing style or musical genre.

A logical evolution of the revered Boden design

The Boden design has been praised and adopted by thousands of forward-thinking players around the world due to its ergonomic features, supreme playability and sonic versatility. This design has now been further expanded and refined using neck-thru-body construction to not only offer incredible upper register access but a sonic quality that is unique and different from its bolt-on counterpart. In the past, neck-thru-body construction on other types of guitars has often resulted in a thinner and narrower sound but this is not the case with the Boden NX Neck-Thru. The tone is big, full, organic and rich while still providing the focused punch that neck-thru-body guitars are known for. You still get that .strandberg* sound – articulate, balanced, and musical. Suhr™ SSH+ and SSV humbuckers faithfully deliver this sound with clarity, warmth, and musicality to your favorite amplification systems.

Meticulous attention to every detail

From the choice of woods to the finish, every detail was meticulously considered and implemented during the development of the Boden Original NX 6 Tremolo Neck-Thru. The result is a big full sound not characteristic of most neck-thru-body guitars. The finishing techniques and processes were also carefully thought out to emphasize the sleek and pleasing visual aesthetics of the industrial design. This model also features the arm bevel implemented on all NX models for enhanced comfort for your picking arm as well as the NX hardware for improved tone and ease of string change and maintenance.

Explore the entire fretboard without any hindrance

In the end, the Boden Original NX 6 Tremolo Neck-Thru is about having full access to anywhere on the fretboard with unbelievable ease and playability. You will be able to develop new techniques and create new sounds in ways you’ve only imagined in your mind. Now with unfettered access from the 1st fret to the 24th, unleash your creativity by exploring the entire length of the fretboard with natural and comfortable arm, wrist, and fingering movements and postures. Simply put, the Boden Original NX 6 Tremolo Neck-Thru will take your playing and music to new realms of musical creativity and playing enjoyment.

Boden Original NX 6 Tremolo Neck-Thru Specs

  • Swamp Ash chambered body wings
  • Solid Maple top with Flame Maple veneer
  • Roasted Maple with 5-ply CF neck-thru-body
  • Roasted Birdseye Maple fretboard
  • 25.5″-25.0″ multi-scale length
  • 24 Jescar stainless steel frets
  • Suhr™ SSH+ bridge and SSV neck humbucker pickups
  • .strandberg* EGS Rev 7 tremolo bridge and combined string lock
  • Available in Natural or Trans Teal