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Boden Meloria

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.The Meloria is a concept .strandberg* travel guitar that was developed in conjunction with high-end bicycle company and a former professional cyclist, Olympic coach, and recreational guitarist Andreas Danielsson.




The Boden Meloria weighting in at as low as 1300 grams, ready to beat any situation.

The Meloria further expands the Boden design and illustrates the scalability of the platform to meet various playing environments and requirements. With the use of cutting-edge composite materials and manufacturing processes, the .strandberg* Boden design can evolve but still maintain the unique characteristics such as ergonomics, comfort, and playability as well as its distinctive sonic character.

The scalability of the boden design

The general idea was to design and build a travel guitar of being quickly downsized into a very compact travel-friendly size and weigh as little as possible and still feel and play like a “normal”-sized guitar when expanded.

The guitar would also have to be able to survive the most extreme natural environments and weather conditions. Never the one to back off from an exciting creative challenge, Ola embarked on a journey to develop the ultimate travel guitar that retained the overall characteristics of a .strandberg* guitar and the result is the Meloria.



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