Soumia Ghechami

Soumia Ghechami


Soumia started out on music at the age of 13 on the piano in a classical music conservatory, then switched to guitar shortly thereafter. At the time, she was drawn to the sound of the guitar more than any other instrument. She continued her learning journey as an autodidact later on, with her main inspiration being Guthrie Govan. Her natural curiosity led her to discover more about the electric guitar and bass, as well as music production, which allowed her to excel at composing and recording; eventually gaining a sizeable following for sharing her music with the world using various social media platforms.

Soumia believes that having been raised as a woman in a Muslim country also gives her a unique role in the music marketplace as far as her story and image, and her hope is that she can inspire other girls and young women from a similar upbringing to hers that becoming a badass musician is possible.

Pursuing an English Linguistics Degree didn’t stop Soumia from becoming the professional session guitarist she is today. She has performed with various acts such as IRFM Batna Orchestra, IWAL, Jatrizz, and Nassim Djezma. In addition to session work, she has recorded and collaborated with several artists from different parts of the world in diverse genres including her previous experimental prog band Synopsie, fellow .strandberg* artist Jose Macario in a modern metal collab, RnB/hip-hop producer Mehdi Lil G, Rai Artist Billel Sghir, the gnawa/fusion band Grooz, and many others. An avid teacher, she also helps young ambitious students reach their full potential.

Having a deep admiration for .strandberg* guitars and their design/sound for so long, Soumia feels so proud to have .strandberg* as her main instrument.

I've never felt such comfort when playing a guitar, I feel like I found my guitar soulmate, it's truly the most comfortable, premium-sounding instrument.

Soumia Ghechami

Classic styling and sound with the modern .strandberg* design and ergonomics

Boden Classic 6 Trem Burgundy Mist

The Boden Classic is the .strandberg* take on the tried-and-true traditional bolt-on solid-body electric guitars with a pickguard. Featuring a solid Alder body with a Maple neck and Maple or Pau Ferro fretboard, the overall sound is familiar yet with the distinctive .strandberg* sound and feel. The 6-string Classic 6 Tremolo features .strandberg*-designed humbucker bridge pickup and two vintage-flavored single-coil pickups while the 7- and 8-string models feature two humbuckers that were all wound to .strandberg*’s exacting specifications.

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