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Ryszard Gabrielczyk


Ryszard Gabrielczyk is a London-based session guitar player who covers a wide spectrum of genres, with a specialization in modern metal.

Having first picked up the guitar at the age of 7, Ryszard started off playing classical guitar, an aptitude for which he honed over several years. Soon developing an interest in electric guitars, he was very keen to make the leap to electric, but first had to prove to his parents that he was committed. By the age of 10, he’d demonstrated his commitment and aptitude in spades through a mixture of dedication and practice; he received his first electric guitar, and this is where his journey into rock and metal began.

Ryszards’ influences include guitarists such as Emil Werstler, Andy James, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Eddie Van Halen. Since these early beginnings, Ryszard has toured and performed on a multiplicity of tours, bills, and festivals across the U.S., South America, and Europe with bands such as Tommy Vext, the American act Unveil The Strength, and the British rock combo NeonFly. He also plays guitar with and has recorded for the band The Dream Mansion.

Ryszard’s natural ability and winning personality mean he has been chosen as a demo artist for .strandberg* guitars and other brands at events such as NAMM in Anaheim and the Frankfurt Musikmesse. Ryszard was fortunate to meet Ola Strandberg in person back in 2016 at MusikMesse and since then his relationship with Ola as well as .strandberg* guitars has blossomed.

“Not only are .strandberg* guitars committed to pushing the benchmark for innovating electric guitars to a modern standard, they do this with such precision engineering. Having been playing .strandberg* guitars for several years, I am allowed to exceed and excel in my guitar abilities, showcasing myself at my very best. The feel, nature and comfort of the instrument is second to none and it feels as though I can convey what I am playing with ease and minimal effort. The versatility and reliability of the instrument is incredible. But the playability and feel of it is pure beauty.”

Ryszard currently plays the Boden Metal NX 7 Black Granite and is working on releasing his own solo EP this year. He has a full driver’s license, an EU Passport, and a self-contained Quad Cortex rig which means he can bring his sound on tour at a moment’s notice. He is on tour with various bands in 2024 so keep your eyes peeled as you may see him performing at a venue near you.


The Boden Metal NX Series


Visually sleek and futuristic, the Metal NX model was designed for over-the-top metal sounds that are still articulate and expressive as well as being exceptionally versatile to cover various other genres of music. The name of this model certainly belies what is hidden beneath its aggressive yet refined look. From brutal heavy to crystalline clean and everything in between, the Metal NX delivers them all with authority and supreme musicality. The 7-string and 8-string models feature the highly regarded active Fishman Fluence Modern pickups for power, clarity, definition and articulation with even the most extreme gain settings.

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"Ryszard is a rare breed of guitar player that puts note choice and musicianship above ego. His ability to perfectly interpret the feel and needs of a track let him not only support, but also enhance the song and take it to new heights."

Emil Werstler