Carrying the torch for neo-soul and jazz fusion

Rodrigo Gouveia


Rodrigo Gouveia is a Brazilian guitarist able to transform simple melodies into complex, jazz-infused neo-soul arrangements. An accomplished educator, Rodrigo is internationally known for his neo-soul guitar instruction and was one of the OG neo-soul players in the online guitar community.

Rodrigo got signed by JTC Guitar and his first Neo Soul Fusion licks package “20 Neo-Soul Fusion Licks” was released in their store in 2018 and “Neo-Soul Fusion Masterclass” in 2019. He is also a featured artist in very influential platforms such as Pickup Music, releasing lessons, and original tunes with other world-class musicians.

“Comfort, tone, and design are the most important aspects of a guitar in my opinion, and I’ve certainly found it all with my .strandberg*. An incredible instrument! I love it.”

Be sure to keep up with Rodrigo on Instagram and YouTube.

Sälen Ventures into A New Realm

Sälen Jazz NX 6 Burgundy

The Sälen NX is the .strandberg* take on the legendary first solidbody electric guitar from the 1950’s: not a mere copy of this iconic guitar that changed the history of music but a thoughtful and innovative design that balances the best of the tried-and-true traditional with the thoroughly modern concepts that our guitars are known for. The Sälen NX is at once familiar and strikingly bold, vintage-and-futuristic, yesterday-and-tomorrow.

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Rodrigo’s playing and writing are first-class! He can play so many styles with mastery and elegance. Rodrigo can really make the guitar sound like an extension of his soul. I’m a huge fan!

Gustavo Assis-Brasil