Guitarist & Voice actress

Riko Kohara


Riko Kohara is a Japanese voice actress from Gifu Prefecture. She is currently affiliated with object. In addition to her band activities, Kohara later debuted as a voice actress “Soreyuke! Anpanam”. Since then, she has been active in the fields of animation, game and foreign movie dubbing. In 2018, she took up the role of LOCK, the guitarist of “Raise a Sullen”, which is a band from “BanG Dream!”, a new generation girl band project where anime, games, comics and live performance and live performance all come together.

Riko is first a first-year highschool student at Haneoka Girls’ High School. As a hardworking girl she won’t give up easily, she works part-time at Live House Galaxy.

The band consists of Raychell (as LAYER) on vocals and bass, Kohara Riko (as LOCK) on guitar, Natsume (as MASKING) on drums, Kurachi Reo (as PAREO) on keyboard, and Tsumugi Risa (as CHU 2 ) as DJ. Starting with the name “THE THIRD(仮)”, their official name was announced during “THE THIRD(仮) 2nd LIVE” held on July 17, 2018. After that, they successfully stood on the stage of Nippon Budokan on February 22, 2019 after only 73 days after their debut. Since then, they have also performed at several musical festivals, drawing audience’s attention with their powerful sounds. Their first full album was released in August 2020.

The guitarmodel Riko Kohara plays is a unique Boden J7 RAS LOCK, a 7 string headless model with alder body to output a heavier sound. The color is Caribbean Light Blue, with the symbolic headphone inlay on the on the 12th fret. Specs: EMG 707X, which can reproduce the nuances of active PU’s is installed to engrave tight riffs.

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