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Jacob Collier


Jacob Collier is a British musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and composer, born on August 2, 1994, in London, England. He gained widespread recognition for his unique musical style, characterized by intricate harmonies, creative arrangements, and innovative use of technology. Collier gained early attention through his viral YouTube videos, where he showcased his remarkable talent for harmonizing and covering popular songs.

At a young age, Collier began studying music, teaching himself to play various instruments and exploring diverse genres, including jazz, classical, pop, and world music. His musical influences range from legendary artists like Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, and Herbie Hancock to classical composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach.

In 2016, Collier released his debut album “In My Room,” which garnered critical acclaim and earned him two Grammy Awards for Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella. He continued to impress audiences with his subsequent albums, including “Djesse Vol. 1,” “Djesse Vol. 2,” “Djesse Vol. 3,” and “Djesse Vol. 4,” each exploring different musical themes and featuring collaborations with renowned artists from around the world.

Throughout his career, Jacob Collier has amassed a dedicated fan base and received numerous accolades for his innovative approach to music-making. His live performances, characterized by his mesmerizing vocal arrangements and masterful use of live looping technology, have captivated audiences worldwide. Collier’s contributions to music have cemented his reputation as one of the most talented and influential musicians of his generation.

We are beyond proud to work with innovative artists like Jacob Collier, who constantly push the global state of music into uncharted, electrifying territories. We can’t wait to see what Jacob has in store next.

“Jacob Collier is a musical phenomenon, a young genius who is redefining what it means to be a musician in the 21st century.” – Herbie Hancock

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Boden JC 5 Djesse Limited Edition is the first 5-string guitar from .strandberg* and allows the musician to explore new chordal voicings and fingering patterns through its DAEAD tuning and the Boden JC 6 Djesse Limited Edition is its 6-string sibling. Both models feature a neck-thru construction, custom multi-colored .strandberg* EGS Rev7 hardware, custom inlays, an eye-catching all-yellow finish, and blue color Lace Alumitone pickups. This signature guitar is built in small volume batches and will be released in drops.

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"Jacob Collier is a one-man band and a one-man industry, a youthful musical wizard who is dazzling audiences across the globe with his virtuosity, multi-instrumental prowess, and limitless creativity."

Quincy Jones