AKA Seda

Dylan Reavey

Guitarist on Demand

Dylan Reavey AKA “Seda” is a multi-award winning guitarist, with awards from international and
online community competitions. Most recently he has been crowned Guitarist of the year 2019 after winner an annual competition in London. Currently residing in Brisbane, he is a graduate from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music with a Bachelor in Jazz Guitar and is continuing to compose and play his own and release his original music. He is a member of the elite Japanese guitar super group G.O.D (Guitarists on Demand), having a unique style and blend of Jazz Fusion and Video Game Music. Proud of his artistry, he works in collaboration with .strandberg* Guitars and is a proud owner of a one-of-a-kind Boden Fusion guitar.

The first time Dylan played .strandberg* was back in 2017 when he also won the Uppsala X Strandberg songwriting competition.
“The strandberg guitar took me by surprise and I was immediately blown away by how effortlessly I could play and make a lot of notes happen.”
– Dylan Reveay.

Super clean and hyper distorted sounds

Boden Fusion 6 Honey

Although the Fusion excels with both super clean and hyper distorted sounds, its strength is in how it delivers in low-to-medium gain settings, making it ideal for genres such as blues, pop, funk, reggae, and classic rock as well as jazz, fusion and intense high-gain metal. If versatility is a key factor in your playing and music, the Fusion will cover all of your bases and more.

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It's a life changing instrument that has moulded itself to my playing style and continues to inspire and bring a lot of happiness every time I pick it up. The effortless nature makes it feel more like an extension of my body then just a guitar.

Dylan Reavey