UK-based progressive metal guitarist

Connor Kaminski


Based in England, Connor Kaminski is a young and upcoming artist thriving in the modern era of progressive music. He developed his “bedroom shred” into a modern and forward-thinking take on Progressive Metal.

In late 2017, Connor began posting videos and photos which featured his guitar playing on Instagram, quickly building a loyal fanbase that shared his same love for great music. Using social media as his stage, Connor continued to develop his aesthetic and refined his guitar playing and photography to even higher standards. This growth helped establish relationships with .strandberg*, D’Addario, Neural DSP, GetGood Drums, and more. His latest EP, “Escapism”, contains intricate guitar work whilst weaving pop-like melodic hooks to create a diverse sound. With new music in the works, he hopes to further push the boundaries of Instrumental music.

Connor has released several masterclasses through JTC Guitar, including lessons on utilizing the whammy bar to its fullest extent and his most recent release, Prog Composition. He has also demonstrated numerous .strandberg* guitar models with his unique and versatile playing style over the years.

Find Connor’s catalog of audio and video productions on his Instagram, YouTube, and Bandcamp pages.


“The first time I picked up a .strandberg* was actually when I purchased my very first Boden OS6 in 2015. I was immediately taken aback and fell in love with the headless design and forward-thinking approach to ergonomics. Ola has created a special line of instruments which have been a dream to play, and I hope to continue playing them for many, many years to come.”

The original design, refined and perfected for the present and the future

Boden Original NX 8 Earth Green

Based on the first concept prototypes, the Original NX can be deemed the model that started a revolution in modern guitar design and takes the electric guitar into the 21st century. Ever evolving to meet the requirements of players and the changing times, the Original NX model lineup has been refined with sustainable materials that sound great, updated hardware components for improved functionality and reliability, enhanced ergonomics for even greater comfort and playability, and subtle visual tweaks to further refine the Boden playing experience.

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Full-bodied tone, exceptional versatility, and the same Boden comfort and playability

Boden Fusion NX 6

Versatile and suitable for a wide range of musical styles and genres, the Fusion NX is especially well suited for low-to-medium gain settings, making it ideal for genres such as blues, pop, funk, reggae, jazz, fusion, and classic rock where extreme high gain settings are usually not needed. The Fusion exhibits a warm, rich and full midrange with its chambered Alder body and Indian Rosewood fretboard. The versatile HSH pickup configuration provides superb classic humbucking and single coil sounds that are clear and articulate to convey the nuances of your playing style.

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"Connor Kaminski is a highly versed, multi-faceted modern guitar player that exhibits incredible technical command of the instrument, while always preserving a complex, forward-thinking level of musicality and maturity that classes him in a niche entirely of his own making. Can also take a photo!"

James Norbert Ivanyi, Australian Prog/Instrumental Guitarist