Richard Henshall’s #GranularSoloContest 2024 Solo Competition

Join us with .strandberg* signature artist Richard Henshall for the #GranularSoloContest 2024 Solo Competition this June in honor of his latest solo release, Mu Vol. 1! Record yourself playing a live, original solo over the provided backing track from his song “Granular” for a chance to win a large array of prizes, including a guitar lesson with Richard, exclusive .strandberg* goodies, and a chance to have your entry shared by the official .strandberg* Guitars social media pages.


Monday, June 17th, 2024 @ 7:00am PST – Monday, July 1st, 2024 @ 11:59pm PST


• Digital guitar tabs for “The Cocoon” and “The Further Side”
• Stems to all Mu Vol. 1 tracks
• JTC 21 Day Fix: Tapping Course
• 1-hour virtual guitar lessons with Richard
• Exclusive .strandberg* goodie bag including an ACME Vitalgrip Guitar Strap, T-shirt, and Cap


  1. Download the track provided below and use it to solo over for your submission. The backing track cannot be edited, manipulated, or changed in anyway for your entry. Doing so will disqualify your entry.
  2. Record video and audio of yourself performing an original, live take of your solo over the backing track.
  3. Upload a video of you performing your solo with the backing track to Instagram. Only entries posted on Instagram will be considered. Limit one (1) entry per person.
  4. Tag @strandbergguitars and @rich_henshall in your post and include the hashtag #GranularSoloContest.
  5. Entries will be based on the creativity and originality of the solo. The winner will be announced soon after the contest has ended.
  6. No .strandberg* guitar is necessary to enter. No purchase is necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law.


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