Julian Konowalski Demos the Boden Standard NX 6 Tremolo

With the recent launch of the Boden Standard NX line of guitars, Poland-based .strandberg* artist Julian Konowalski has released this guitar playthrough on the new Boden Standard NX 6 Tremolo! This highly-energetic, original song by Julian features his skillful lead work, groovy rhythms, and a plethora of various lush tones which showcase the possible sounds on the Standard NX.


If you’d like to learn about how Julian crafted his guitar tone for his original Boden Standard NX 6 demonstration track, watch his latest tutorial below to see the ins and outs of his high-gain lead and rhythm tones!

Be sure to follow Julian on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to keep up with his latest music releases and video content. You can learn more about Boden Standard NX here.

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