Interstellar Tones with Cynic’s Paul Masvidal

With the release of the newest iteration of his signature guitar, the Boden Masvidalien NX 6 Cosmo, Cynic guitarist and .strandberg* signature artist Paul Masvidal sat down to explore the vast universe of tones that are only possible via the single EMG 57 bridge pickup and onboard EMG VMC active tone control in his guitar.

Always pushing the artistic envelope, Paul demonstrates the versatility of a seemingly minimalistic pickup configuration from the high-gain rhythm tones of “Architects of Consciousness” to the lush cleans of “6th Dimensional Archetype”. The sweepable midrange VMC tone control creates several tonal options which are unique to the Masvidalien NX 6 Cosmo.

To hear the Masvidalien NX 6 Cosmo in the context of a full mix, check out the official playthrough for Cynic’s song “Aurora” here and get the complete song transcription here.