Sälen Ventures into A New Realm

Sälen Jazz


While not as well-known as the groundbreaking and futuristic Boden, the Sälen has quietly become a beloved model in the .strandberg* lineup amongst those who seek a more conservative and classic look and vibe. The Sälen Deluxe and Classic models remain as popular as ever since their introduction in 2018, played by professionals and tone connoisseurs all around the world. With their Suhr Classic T pickups, the Sälen has garnered accolades from artists and players into country, classic rock, blues and other rootsy styles of music with their distinctive sonic twang and snappy response.

Now, the Sälen takes on a whole new character with Mahogany body and neck, Rosewood fretboard, an F-hole and dual .strandberg* MF Classic humbuckers to provide a look, feel and sound that is unlike any other guitar model that we have ever developed and produced. The Boden has covered virtually all modern guitar styles and musical genres with aplomb and the first Sälen models have covered many as well but this Sälen expands the coverage and deservedly earns a new name: Jazz.

Jazz and So Much More

The word Jazz means many different things to many different people, but one thing is for certain: it’s a vast musical world with endless variety of styles and sounds as well as a rich history stretching back a century. It’s a genre that has constantly evolved with musical innovation and some of the greatest musical artists the world has ever known. There is tradition but there has also been plenty of musical explorations and even revolutions that shaped modern music. In many ways, .strandberg* identifies with that spirit of innovation fused with tradition.

But Jazz is but one of many musical worlds and the Sälen Jazz can and will go virtually anywhere you want to take it: classic rock, blues, pop, fusion, world, funk. It can also more than holds its own in high-gain applications if you want to shred or play pummeling power chords. The chambered Mahogany body with solid Maple top and Mahogany veneer and Mahogany neck with Rosewood fretboard impart a classic look but, underneath the elegant and refined visual exterior, this classic wood combination can bark and roar like no other woods when pushed with healthy amounts of overdrive and distortion. Yes, the Sälen Jazz can purr but it can also really bite.

Past, Present and Future

The Sälen Jazz is one of the most versatile guitars we have ever developed in that it is particularly well-suited to explore the low and medium gain as well as clean tonal territories. Our new lower output MF Classic humbuckers have greater dynamic range and less compression than their higher output cousins, allowing the subtleties of your pick attack and touch to affect and shape tonal colors that is simply not possible otherwise. There is a good reason why some players seek vintage-style pickups to play through low-wattage tube amps with slight overdrive or breakup. They seek the highest level of expressiveness with the nuances of their techniques and playing styles that they have developed and honed over many years, even decades. Some traditions live on because they are simply that good.

There is still always room to innovate and make improvements and the Sälen Jazz also features the latest developments in modern and forward-looking electric guitar technologies. Supremely ergonomic and designed with playing comfort in mind, the Sälen Jazz plays fast and smooth like all of our Boden and previous Sälen models. The main differences in the Jazz are the woods and the tone – warm, rich, and woody yet clear, detailed and stunningly articulate. Whether the Sälen Jazz is unplugged acoustically or plugged in with our new MF Classic humbuckers, it will open up a rainbow of sounds that will cover the past, present and the future.

Sälen Jazz

The Sälen Jazz takes a whole new direction – both visually and sonically – with chambered Mahogany body capped with solid Maple top and Mahogany veneer, Mahogany neck with Rosewood fretboard, F-hole, and a pair of the new .strandberg* MF Classic humbuckers. One of the most versatile .strandberg* guitar models ever with its unmatched ability to explore various shades of clean and low-to-medium gain sounds, the Sälen Jazz can also bark and roar like a true rock-and-roll machine in high gain settings. Hyper responsive to your picking attack and touch, the Sälen Jazz covers a wide spectrum of classic and modern electric guitar sounds to suit a wealth of playing styles and musical genres.

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