Full-bodied tone, exceptional versatility, the same Boden comfort and playability

The Boden Fusion Series


The Fusion takes the original Boden concept to a slightly different direction with the fusion and shred players in mind who seek a warmer and fatter tone. Very light in weight and engineered for comfort like all Boden models, the Fusion features a chambered Alder body with premium grade Flame Maple top and a Roasted Maple neck with Pau Ferro fretboard for the famous .strandberg* acoustic resonance but with more warmth and tonal evenness.

Boden Fusion Specs

Chambered Alder body
Solid premium Flame Maple top
Roasted Maple with 5-ply CF reinforcement
Pau Ferro fretboard
25”–25.5” scale length
24 Jescar stainless steel frets
Suhr SSH+ and SSV humbucker and V60LP single-coil passive pickups
.strandberg* EGS Pro tremolo
Available in Honey or Black


The EGS Pro tremolo system machined out of aircraft grade aluminum plays a major part in the Boden’s unique acoustic character as well as providing an extremely smooth tremolo response and superb tuning stability. Implementing a traditional fulcrum tremolo design with the rout for the tremolo springs, the Fusion models exhibit a more “open” sonic character than the fixed bridge Original.


aka Seda

Dylan Reavey

“The strandberg guitar took me by surprise and I was immediately blown away by how effortlessly I could play and make a lot of notes happen. It’s a life changing instrument that has moulded itself to my playing style and continues to inspire and bring a lot of happiness every time I pick it up. The effortless nature makes it feel more like an extension of my body then just a guitar.”
– Dylan Reavey.


Electronics-wise, the Fusion model is equipped with the Suhr passive pickups (SSH+ in the bridge, SSV in the neck and V60LP single-coil in the middle) with a very versatile HSH wiring to deliver the natural acoustic characteristics of the guitar faithfully and powerfully to your favorite amplification systems while offering the sonic flexibility to suit virtually all musical genres and playing styles.


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