Known for her searing tapping leads and heavy extended range riffs

Becca Scammon


Known for her searing tapping leads and heavy extended range riffs, Becca is a versatile shredder whose energy lights up her music. Originally a piano player from Portland, Maine, she gravitated to guitar at the age of 10, eagerly studying a wide variety of styles. A constant craving for heavier and more intense music eventually led her to progressive and death metal, but the influences of her eclectic training still shine through.

Becca attended Berklee College of Music, where she had the opportunity to study with Joe Stump and Don Lappin. She continued her studies after Berklee with Christian Muenzner (Eternity’s End, Alkaloid, Obscura, ex-Necrophagist).

After garnering some interest on the scene through her Youtube videos, she filled in on guitar with East of the Wall on their 2014 US tour. She also did a guest solo on Six Feet Under’s album Crypt of the Devil which was released in 2015. Currently, she tears it up with her band Total Party Kill, a progressive/death metal project based out of Portland, Maine.

Initially drawn to .strandberg* because of its ergonomic design, Becca has found them to be one of the most comfortable guitars she has ever played. The lightweight design and ease of playing on the EndurNeck™ played a key role in limiting her issues with tendonitis. That, paired with the incredible tone and beauty of the instrument, has made .strandberg* her extended range instrument of choice.

Over-the-top brutal yet musically articulate and expressive

Boden Metal White Pearl

Visually sleek and futuristic, the Metal model was designed for over-the-top metal sounds that are still articulate and expressive as well as being exceptionally versatile to cover various other genres of music. The model name certainly belies what is hidden beneath its shiny aggressive look. Underneath the metallic gloss finish, the body consists of American Basswood for a full-sounding midrange that emphasizes the low-mids and is complemented by a solid quarter-inch plain Maple top to provide a fast transient attack and high-end brilliance.

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".strandberg* is a step above the crowd in the way that it limits the physical barriers between you and playing. Through creating true comfort and accessibility to the fretboard, it has allowed me to move beyond myself and focus on what matters most: the music I’m creating."

Becca Scammon