A monster virtuoso and musician expanding the boundaries of modern metal

Per Nilsson


Per Nilsson is the prototypical modern metal guitarist: virtuosic in both rhythm and lead playing, melodic yet mean, brutal while musical, and intelligent as well as instinctive as a writer. Per embodies the evolution and development of modern metal music with his work as the founding member of Scar Symmetry, an influential melodic death metal and progressive metal band and Kaipa, a Swedish progressive rock band and also his work filling in for the legendary Fredrick Thordendal on a recent Meshuggah tour. Per knows metal.

Much more than a hired gun guitarist, Per is also a prolific writer and producer who does mixing, mastering and full production work for numerous other bands. Very active in the thriving underground metal scene, Per has an extensive list of credits not only with his band Scar Symmetry but with Kaipa and numerous other notable metal acts as a guest artist as well as producer and/or mixing engineer.

Per raised his stature to a whole new level when he filled in for Fredrik Thordendal as Meshuggah’s lead guitarist on the hugely influential band’s tour in late-2017 and early-2018. It is certainly a testament to Per’s incredible skills and musicianship to take on such a major role.

We are certain that Per still has a lot to contribute to the metal community in the years ahead and will surely work with him very closely to develop exciting new instruments that will continue to push the boundaries of electric guitar design and the ever lively metal genre.

A unique Boden developed for the Swedish metal virtuoso Per Nilsson

The Boden ‘Singularity’

Long-time close friends with Ola Strandberg, Per collaborated with Ola to design and develop the Singularity 7-string model which features Per’s trademark swirl finish for a striking visual look as well as a versatile HSH pickup configuration with “conventional” (not multi-scale fanned) frets as well as the True Temperament frets option. Solid American Basswood body with Maple neck and Rosewood fretboard combine to deliver aggressive metal rhythm sounds with plenty of rich mids for Per’s blistering lead work.

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Phase I of the new Scar Symmetry complete....masterpiece achieved. 5 (out of 5) skulls.

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