Expanding the true limits of technical death metal

Kevin Chartré


Kevin Chartré is a guitarist, predominantly known for his work with the critically acclaimed progressive death metal band Beyond Creation. Kevin also shares his leadership, knowledge, and passion for music with his other bandmates in Brought by Pain and Unhuman, garnering attention from metal fans around the globe. Delivering innovative solos, aggressive backing vocals, and heavily technical riffs on 6-, 7-, and 8-string guitars, this true human-machine pushes the boundaries of death metal composition and playing.

Kevin has contributed to the release of the debut albums for Brought By Pain’s “The Dreamer’s Will” and Beyond Creation’s “The Aura” in 2011, as well as the long-awaited self-titled Unhuman album in late 2013. In October 2014, Beyond Creation released their second album, “Earthborn Evolution” which propelled their international career.

It is with the winning of the IMA AWARD FOR WORLDWIDE BEST METAL/HARDCORE ALBUM and a nomination to Canada’s largest music awards event The Junos which placed Beyond Creation’s latest album, “Algorythm“, among the finest records of the year.

Through the years, Kevin has gained an exponential amount of live experience, and thanks to his commitment to his multiple bands, he has had the chance to play large-scale festivals and many important tours around the world.

Accordingly, his needs for high-quality equipment and long-term partnerships keep growing as Beyond Creation’s record deal with Season of Mist ensures the formation of an intensively active career. We are proud to work with such passionate and driven artists as Kevin and are excited to see where his journeys lead him.



"My first encounter with a .strandberg* guitar was during a tour in Japan in 2014 and we stopped at the music store in Tokyo. I only played a few minutes on one and knew I wouldn’t play on anything else since. The EndurNeck on these instruments is pure genius, especially on the 8-string. These guitars are very comfortable, versatile, and their ergonomic design makes them the most innovative instruments on the market."

Kevin Chartré