.strandberg* Boden 6 Custom Headless Guitar
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Boden 6 Custom Shop – Headless Custom 6 String Guitar


The Boden 6 Custom is the original .strandberg* shape, combining ergonomics with aesthetic form and style. This guitar  is named after the city Boden in north Sweden, drawing on the resemblance between its shape and reindeer antlers; while there are no wild reindeer left in Sweden, they are commonly farmed in this region.

The specs of the  Boden headless custom 6 string guitar are taken from the Made to Measure guitars of leading players such as Misha Mansoor, Tosin Abasi and Chris Letchford. Materials are selected to provide a versatile tone, applicable to all types of music, and all share the common attributes of being quick to respond and “organic” sounding. Equipped with Lace Alumitones™ pickups and with a chambered Swamp Ash body, the Boden headless custom 6 normally weighs in under 2 kg/4.4 lbs, and yet remains perfectly balanced. The contoured body shape allows for multiple comfortable seated playing positions and the low weight saves your neck and shoulder. The patent pending EndurNeck™ shape relaxes joints, tendons and muscles in your hand, wrist and forearm, plus encourages a more proper playing position. When you feel better, you sound better.

You now have the ability to customize most aspects of your Boden by choosing materials, electronics and finish!

Usual delivery time is usually 3-4 months from time of completed checkout/payment. Delivery is via UPS directly from Sweden, and there may be import duties to pay. A telephone number is required for the order, so please make sure you provide it when you register.

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Bolt-On construction
Choice of Top
Choice of Body Wood
Torso carve, arm bevel
EndurNeck™ profile neck
Choice of Neck Wood 5-pc (3x) Core with carbon fiber/(2x) Maple fillets
Choice of Fretboard
Choice of Scale Length
16” – 20” compound radius
24 x Medium/Jumbo stainless steel frets
Optional True Temperament™ Fretting System on select models
.strandberg* EGS Series 5 fixed or tremolo bridge & string locks

Learn more about the endurneck here.

Pickups choice of:
Lace Alumitones™
Seymour Duncan
Bare Knuckle Pickups

Choice of Switch
Ebony Volume/Tone controls
Choice of color hardware
Luminlay side dot markers
Luminlay fret markers (offset low > 12th < high)
2 – 2.6 kg / 4.4 – 5.7 lbs approximate weight
10-46 D’Addario Strings

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 100 x 47 x 21 cm