Production Boden Prototype – Tosin Abasi



About This Project

The search for a partner that could help scale up production of .strandberg* guitars started in late 2011, and discussions with Strictly 7 Guitars started at NAMM 2012. We had been introduced by mutual acquaintances, and after a breakfast and a handshake, preparation work began.
During the spring of 2012, preparatory discussions were held, and in May, the production transfer started. As always, when experimenting, we didn’t start with the fanciest pieces of wood. Poplar is a nice modeling wood, and there was plenty of it around, and Rob (see link above) happened to have a bookmatched crotch cherry piece saved up for a rainy day. For the neck, we took pieces that were laying around, and the fretboard came from a planned neck blank that had been re-sawn by mistake.
When Tosin learned about the build, he became interested in it as a complement to the sound of #17 and #8, which share very much the same tonal characteristics. And who better to be the first user of the guitar that was modeled after his builds? A slight diversion from the original specifications was made, in the custom wound DiMarzio pickups.