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.strandberg* Artist Leah Woodward with her Boden OS 6

.strandberg* Artist Leah Woodward with her Boden OS 6

Born on July 25th 1989 in Manchester UK, Leah Woodward was introduced to music through violin. Classically trained, graded and playing in orchestras until the grand old age of 11! It was after a break from music that she was persuaded back into it with a Gibson guitar when she turned 17 by an incredibly supportive mother!


She continued the journey teaching herself by ear and guitar tablature, learning from the likes of players such as Nuno Bettencourt, Lyndsey Buckingham, Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen & other such classics. At the time she was determined to become one of the fastest guitarists around……. however it  was after being defeated by several 5 year olds on YouTube and crying herself to sleep on numerous nights that she started focusing on style rather than speed which opened numerous doors to the playing styles she now incorporates in the music she is creating.


Leah has focused on her band ‘Aliases’ for the past few years, who after releasing their debut CD ‘Safer Than Reality’ signed with Basick Records at Euroblast Festival in Cologne.

After touring this CD alongside some incredible bands including the likes of Textures, The Ocean, Monuments, Skindred & many more the band changed singers & have spent some time in the studio perfecting the sound and songs ready for release early 2016.


As well as the band Leah has taught guitar for several years, working for a local guitar club and online via Skype.

She has featured in both online & printed media numerous times high up in top rankings of female guitarists alongside incredible musicians such as Orianthi, Sarah Longfield, Lita Ford & Simone Dow.

With the release of the new Aliases CD in sight she has been focusing on writing for use on solo material, collaborations & session slots. There is a lot more to come.


Leah has been a player for Blackmachine Guitars, Diezel amplification, Bareknuckle Pickups and recently joined the ranking on .Strandberg* Guitars after being blown away by the design,quality & playability at a festival in June.


Leah says :- “The .Strandberg* style always caught my eye, but it was after picking one up for the first time that I knew I had to contact this company. Every aspect of the build has had thought & love thrown into it that just puts a smile on your face every time you pick it up or play it. From the EndurNeck  to fanned frets to the neck accessibility, for the style of music I play these guitars make my life ten times easier! I am extremely honoured to be representing a company that I believe in so much and can’t wait to be touring the new songs on the guitars!! Extremely excited for what’s to come!”


She has recently set up a YouTube channel where she will be uploading all guitar-related material including Aliases play-throughs, gear demos & future collaboration projects : – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWdErG5YfrOsuRA-8pTdQ1A