#54 – Richard Henshall



About This Project

Guitarist and keyboard player Richard Henshall and Charlie Griffiths of British Prog-Rock act Haken first experienced .strandberg* in London, while the development work of the Varberg was going on.

Like Charlie, Richard wanted a tremolo on his guitar and challenged us to develop one. Finally, during the fall of 2013, development was complete. Ideally, it would have been combined with the TremoLock™, since Richard alternates the tuning of both the 7th and 8th string between songs, but when the design turned out needing more work, we decided to proceed anyway.

Just like the similar #53, the result is a 28″ scale super resonant and sustaining beast, weighing in at only 2,570 grams. Coming from primarily a 7-string background, Richard opted for the EndurNeck™ to make the transition easier, and the material choices aims for a sounds that sits well in the mix with the characteristic clarity of a .strandberg*. Being the first H-S-H equipped .strandberg* and wired with a push-pull split in a “Tosin Abasi configuration“, the sonic possibilities are almost endless.

Check out Haken and a puppet version of the guitar in their 2013 video, the Cockroach King: