#53 – Charlie Griffiths



About This Project

Charlie Griffiths of British Prog-Rock act Haken was hooked on the .strandberg* concept from the first time he tried one in London, while the development work of the Varberg was going on. Getting him and his co-guitarist and keyboard player Richard Henshall on board with our team was not a hard sell by any means.

Charlie’s one requirement, though, was an 8-string tremolo and he challenged us to develop one. Finally, during the fall of 2013, development was complete. Ideally, it would have been combined with the TremoLock™, since Charlie alternates the tuning of the 8th string between F# and E, but when the design turned out needing more work, we decided to proceed anyway.

The result is a 28″ scale super resonant and sustaining beast, weighing in at only 2,690 grams. Charlie opted for a conventional thin neck profile to best suit his playing style, and the material choices aims for a sounds that sits well in the mix with the characteristic clarity of a .strandberg*.

Check out Haken and a puppet version of the guitar in their 2013 video, the Cockroach King