#45 – Dearin Crawford



About This Project

This guitar has an illustrious story. It was originally commissioned by Dearin Crawford, from Australia. Unusually for a .strandberg*, Dearin opted for a solid body. The other special to note is an extra strap button, placed similarly to Holdsworth’s, in order to place the guitar optimally for his playing style. The True Temperament™ Formula 1 fretting system provides crystal clear, piano like notes as always. Here is what Dearin said after having to wait for well over a month to get the guitar processed by customs and finally receiving it:

The guitar sounds outstanding, it has pianistic quality through out, it’s articulate, has chime and presence, but it is and rounded and smooth on the top end.
It is such a beautiful guitar though… Nothing prepares you when you first open the case, the guitar is small and petite, but the sound is big and full and complex.
Complex chords sound as they should, beautiful, full, complex… Harmonics just pop out with ease.
The pick-ups sound great, and the switches provide an excellent contrast in sound, clean to mean with a flick of the switch, brilliant.
I’m still finding my way around this thing, I’m getting use to the neck, trying to flow with the neck shape and contours… Takes some readjustment… All good though ;-0.
Did I mention it’s such a beautiful guitar to look at… ;-0 incredible craftsmanship.

Sadly, it appears that the time in a potentially scorching hot warehouse in the Australian customs may have damaged the original Cocobolo neck, which turned out to be somewhat temperamental. We took the guitar back to Sweden and to make a long story short, we ended up buying the guitar back and made a new neck for it from Black Limba. The pictures below are of the guitar with its final specs.