#28 – Fred Brum



About This Project

.strandberg* artist extraordinaire Fred Brum was the original owner of #6, with which a considerable amount of the cleans of his amazing album Atonement (buy it!) was recorded.
Fred was fortunate to be able to pick out his top directly from the wood supplier by himself at MusikMesse Frankfurt 2012 and then endure the long wait until the guitar was completed in time for MusikMesse 2013… This is a very loud and resonant instrument. Touch sensitive and a precision instrument through which any nuance can be completely transmitted and controlled. Fred’s virtuoso tapping techniques demand nothing less of an instrument.

Here is a brand new song called Stranded that Fred has recorded exclusively on #28 for his upcoming album Transcendence.

A short clip from MusikMesse Frankfurt:

More clips will be added as soon as time permits.