#25 – Eric Lucas



About This Project

The first ever lefty .strandberg* just came out. It was ordered by Eric Lucas, who had this to say in his NGD (“New Guitar Day”) thread on sevenstring.org:

First off, it’s an amazingly light guitar. I almost thought the gig bag was empty after pulling it out of the case. It’s also very compact. The weight plus the size plus the body outline makes for a very ergonomic seated playing position. When seated I play in the classical style – where the waist of the guitar rests on the thigh of your fretting hand; but with this guitar an alternative playing position – the cutout near the jack resting on the thigh of your picking hand; is available. In this position the neck sits at a perfect angle (at least for me) and it take zero coordination or muscle tension to keep the guitar in that position. It’s a fantastically ergonomic guitar to play.

Choosing the endurneck was a bit of a risk on my part. When originally put on the waiting list, I had planned on a IPNP profile as I made a few fake necks from foam and had some confidence that that profile wouldn’t be completely unsatisfactory. When Ola announced the endurneck I was intrigued enough to change my specs, it seemed like a logical extension to the IPNP profile; but I couldn’t figure out a way to easily cut the profile in foam until well after I had committed. Any apprehension was unnecessary. When combined with the neck angle resulting from the body shape, it’s a very natural neck shape.