#13 – Danny Thrasher



About This Project

Danny spent considerable time with #6 at the 2011 NAMM show and it wasn’t long until the order came in. Danny, who studies guitar under Javier Reyes of Animals as Leaders, is also the happy owner of #3!

He plays a unique jazz/djent style and #13 is intended to work as a jazz guitar. As such, it was fitted with a Lace Alumitone BassBar in the neck position, for a rounded and warm sound. To keep a clean appearance, the tone control is hidden inside the control cavity but can be adjusted using a screwdriver, guitar pick or other thin object. It is activated by pulling the volume know. In the bridge position, a Lace Alumitone Aluma Djent pickup can unleash metal/djent sounds as well.

The second knob on the guitar is a piezo volume – for maximum versatility, #13 is also fitted with a GraphTech Ghost piezo system. By activating both piezo and magnetic pickup, the individual volume controls can create an infinite blend between the pickup systems.

Here is a short clip of Danny himself playing it:

And one from NAMM 2012: