#12 – Shun Nagai



About This Project

Shun Nagai attended the Tokyo workshop in February 2011, where #6 was one of the guitars featured. Like so many before him, he immediately fell in love with it and ordered this guitar which is made to look a lot like it, and the Zebrano top wood comes from the same exact pieces as #6. One of the interesting aspects of this guitar is the piece of curly Koa that makes up the body. It took a lot of effort to locate and was purchased directly from the grower in Hawaii. The find happened right at the time of the Japan earthquake and was almost lost to a competing prospective buyer. When strung up for the first time, it proved not only good looking but provides amazing sustain and resonance. Other features of the guitar are Wenge fretboard on a Maple neck and custom finished chrome hardware along with matching chrome Lace Alumitone humbuckers.