Highly Classified

The .strandberg* classified project


Would you like to buy and sell your used .strandberg* guitar via a certified .strandberg* channel?

We’re planning to launch a new service where you can sell & buy your used .strandberg* guitars. We are reaching out to our community to gauge the interest and to hear what features you would like.

Please submit your info in the form and we will get back to you shortly for more information.

Enter for a chance to win a €/$100 gift card.

What will the service include?

It is .strandberg* only classified listing pages with some added features such as:

  • Serial number history verification
  • Make me an offer type of ads
  • Want to buy ads
  • Trade ads
  • …much more!




“Certified pre-owned”

Buy a guitar that is certified buy us including extended warranty. This is still in it’s concept phase but the idea is for you to be able to buy a second hand .strandberg* guitar and know that it’s the quality you would expect from a .strandberg* guitar. We will look it over, set it up, service it, replace worn parts and then include an extended warranty.

  • Fully serviced guitars
  • Fine tuned and worn parts replaced
  • Extended warranty
  • …much more!