.strandberg* and Uppsala International Guitar Festival Competition 2017


And the Winners are…

Out of 170 entries from 32 countries, and with almost 8000 unique votes cast (despite an IT related hiccup that prevented voting for two days), we finally found a winner! Or, actually two winners!

First, in this very fierce competition, our runner up and with an extremely honorable mention is Brock Benzel.

Brock uses his deep harmonic knowledge and skill to compose a truly musical, attention grabbing, and creative piece that takes the listener an emotional journey. Brock has a very unique and modern style that is all his own, and we predict a bright future for him!


The jury had a tough job, and ended up choosing one winner while still honoring the internet community’s choice of winner. So in first place from the jury votes is, from Brisbane, Australia – Dylan Reavey!

Dylan Reavey displayed melodic sophistication in a dense harmonic composition, with impressive technical prowess. With a wide variety of grooves, stylistic influences, and creativity, Dylan’s 80s Nintendo jazz-fusion is a breath of fresh air, and we look forward to watching his style evolve!

The internet community’s winner is, from Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina – Dino Mangafic

A big thanks to all of you that submitted your entries, and all of you that voted. We hope to see you again next year!