Fusing the artistic and musical worlds of modern, traditional, electric, and acoustic

Yvette Young

Yvette Young holding her strandberg headless guitar

Classically trained from the age of 4 on the piano and taking up the violin at 7, Yvette Young eventually taught herself to play the guitar and has become one of the most promising and respected guitar players and musicians in the music scene today. Fusing disparate musical worlds that encompass various forms of modern rock, alternative, classical, and folk, Yvette’s uncategorizable style embraces subtlety and harmonic sophistication that is winning sophisticated music fans in all corners of the world.

After graduating from UCLA with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, her music career slowly started taking off after she posted various music videos on the Internet in 2009. Her eclectic musical background and superb all-around musicianship garnered a following not only amongst curious music fans looking for something different but also from well-established artists in various musical genres.

Alternating between acoustic music inspired by nature and musically sophisticated math-rock in an electric trio format with her band Covet, Yvette employs advanced fingerstyle and tapping techniques to conjure up various soundscapes ranging from the dreamy ethereal to the intensely complex and energetic while imprinting her unique musical voice and style.

An extremely versatile and proficient multi-instrumentalist, singer, and writer, Yvette’s main electric guitar is a Boden 7 with a beautiful floral finish which she painted herself. Mainly using clean and semi-clean sounds with a hint of overdrive, Yvette’s sound is distinguished by a wide dynamic range that is necessary to convey delicate and subtle musical passages and the intricacies of her impressive fingerpicking and tapping techniques.

A most promising young musician with an original musical voice and style, Yvette is poised to reach new heights of success with her infectious enthusiasm and positive personal demeanor as well as her amazing all-around musical talent. It is with great pleasure and pride that we work with Yvette to develop new instruments and we greatly look forward to following her burgeoning musical career.

Photo credits: Meilene Photography (above)

Capture Yvette's tone with a tremolo

The Boden ‘Prog’

The Prog was developed for progressive rock/metal players who need a cutting tone, slick playability and a smooth-functioning tremolo system, but will send you to Math Rock country in a heartbeat. The body consists of Swamp Ash to provide punchy high-mids, 4A Flame Maple top for added brilliance and tightness and Ebony fretboard for more high-end presence or “sizzle” that authoritatively cuts through a dense mix.

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The Swiss Army knife of tone

The Boden 'Original'

This is the Boden model that started it all. Featuring Swamp Ash body mated with 4A Flame Maple top and roasted Maple neck with roasted Birdseye Maple fretboard, the acoustic character is lively and balanced with superb articulation for both rhythm and lead playing – perfect for two hand tapping. The Original models feature the highly-touted Suhr passive pickups and Fishman active pickups to faithfully transfer the natural sound of the woods and the unique .strandberg* hardware to your amplification systems.

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It’s utterly vibrant. It’s inchoate. It’s scarcely populated, and it’s… Fantastical. There, I said it.

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